Our Ministries

Langcliffe is a small church with a congregation of about 40 people, but it is a busy church where everyone is involved in something. During the pandemic we served "drive-through" meals, plus school supplies and other treats for children as well as pantry products, to families of our community. We support families who want their children to have the experience of a summer sleep-away camp, and we adopt families in our community when they have critical needs. 

Our church holds events open to the public and hosts and participates in community-wide events. We have just completed upgrades to our social halls and will be adding handicapped accessibility to both levels this summer, enabling us to plan more events beginning this fall and to open our space to the public for use for their own gatherings. 

Our ministry includes mission giving to individuals, families, and charitable organizations that benefit the community and the world. We also have renewed our focus on faith-building with our own church family through monthly gatherings, varying Bible studies, and the events we sponsor.

Small churches have many benefits for those who are looking for a comfortable place and pace, and Langcliffe provides an opportunity to be close to God, to contemplate growing faith, and to contribute service wherever and whenever we can.