Cemetery Rules

The Langcliffe Cemetery Association (“association”) administers the cemetery located at 1001 Main St., Avoca, PA located behind Langcliffe Presbyterian Church. The association has adopted the following rules and procedures to provide for the care of the cemetery on behalf of the community which it serves as part of the Christian outreach of Langcliffe Presbyterian Church. These rules are intended to create a safe, orderly, and peaceful space in our cemetery, and we ask for the community to help accomplish this by respecting these rules and procedures.


General Rules

The hours of the cemetery are from dawn until dusk.

The following are prohibited in the cemetery: dog walking, alcohol, firearms, littering, trespassing after hours, and driving over 15 miles per hour through the cemetery. Driving and parking on grass are only permitted during special events.

The cemetery is closed during inclement weather. The cemetery claims no responsibility for plowing snow in a timely manner. The cemetery is not responsible for vehicle towing or repair costs.

Cemetery Maintenance

The cemetery is responsible for care of grass including the reseeding of plots after interment as well as tree care, road and structure maintenance, and snow plowing.

Plot Owner Responsibility

Seasonal plants and decorations will be removed after 6 weeks. Fencing and edging of plots is not permitted, as it interferes with mowing. Decorations and live plants may be placed on plots under the care and responsibility of the owner.

Purchase of Plots

To purchase a plot, contact the cemetery caretaker, Patrick Farrell, at 570-457-3777. The current cost of a plot is listed below. Sales and transfers of plots are prohibited. The cemetery does not repurchase unused plots, but plot owners may cede their plot back to the cemetery at their discretion. The cemetery reserves the right to reclaim unused plots after 100 years of purchase if contact cannot be made with family members. Plots may only be used for one traditional burial, one traditional burial with one cremation, or two cremations. Pets may not be buried in the cemetery. The cemetery caretaker must approve the placement of all markers and reserves the right to limit wording on markers that is deemed inappropriate. Large and nontraditional markers and monuments will be considered on a case by case basis.

Every burial space is sold subject to the rules and regulations currently in force or that may be hereinafter adopted and to such changes of the present rules as deemed necessary by the board.

Cemetery Archive

Requests for archival information should be made to the cemetery caretaker, Patrick Farrell, at 570-457-3777. The fee for information requests is $15.