April Fools!

April 1 2016

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For more information about architect Zaha Hadid, whose death was unfortunately not an April Fool’s joke, visit https://uk.news.yahoo.com/dame-diva-zaha-hadid-build-no-mor…




(Avoca, PA) Langcliffe Presbyterian Church announces it will demolish its existing historic structure in favor of a new $250 million, 619,000 square foot Worship Center.

Citing rapidly expanding membership and community development, the governing board (session) of Langcliffe Presbyterian Church proposed developing this new Worship Center, which will be completed by the church’s sesquicentennial celebrations in 2020. The new sanctuary, designed by is estimated to seat 1,000 worshipers per service, which will allow more worshipers to participate in the same service. The voluminous main hall, an interior landscape of many levels and ramps, will serve as a public plaza for the church’s many programs, including numerous children’s ministries, a museum, a library, an olympic sized swimming pool, and private movie theater, and multiple conference spaces.

The designed of the worship center comes from Riba Gold Medal for Architecture winner Zaha Hadid, who sadly passed away on March 31st, 2016. Although Hadid’s early work anticipated the computer, the calculus of computer programs has, over the last decade, liquefied form and space—she has smoothed the three-dimensional force fields of exploded forms into flow fields. The worship center is the latest in a series of related designs that includes last summer’s London Aquatics Centre for the London Olympics and, at a different scale, even her flowing Aqua table.

When asked why the church decided to begin this audacious project, pastor Alex Becker noted that the borough of Avoca has been experiencing a revival, and the church expects that the population will continue to grow. “When the borough began construction on its new borough building, it was obviously a challenge. I think Ms. Hadid outdid herself with this design, which is perfectly suited to our little town. I just can’t wait to see my new office.”

For more details on opportunities for worship in Avoca, please contact Pastor Alex Becker at pastor@lpcavoca.church

To learn more about the Worship Center, visit: www.lpcavoca.church/worshipcenter