What is a church…

if not a community of faith? A church is a community of people sharing in their faith, following the same God. The Presbyterian Church defines a congregation as “The church engaged in the mission of God in its particular context.” At Langcliffe, we try to be engaged in God’s mission in Avoca and the surrounding region.


A Brief History

Langcliffe was founded in 1870 by 24 charter members as a church for coal miners. After just 40 years, the church had grown dramatically and commissioned a new building – and shortly thereafter the church burned to the ground, on Easter Sunday in 1909. Far from giving up, the congregation rallied together and managed to build the church that currently stands, dedicating it on April 3rd, 1910.

In the intervening years, Langcliffe has had its ups and downs along with the rest of the valley, but today it’s a place where children and adults alike are taught about the Good News of Jesus Christ, a community to which anyone can come for comfort and challenge, a place where God is worshiped through Sunday morning worship services, the celebration of communion and baptism, and community events that show our love for Christ and our neighbor.

Our Community

Our community is more than just a Sunday morning worship service, but our gathering at 10:00 AM every Sunday is central to who we are as Christians. Each week, we create a small church worship experience with deep roots in our Presbyterian tradition. Dress ranges from casual to Sunday best. Upon walking into the front or side doors, congregants will find a bulletin with essential information about the day’s service. Our prelude music provides time to meditate on the quote for the day, to greet the people around you, or to get worship-oriented coloring materials from the back of the sanctuary. Every week we pray together in different ways, we check in with each other on life, we read the Bible and hear a sermon that connects the ancient past with the movement of God in the world today. (If you want to hear a sermon, check out our archive.)


Why We Do What We Do

As a community, the members of Langcliffe work to follow the greatest commandments of Jesus:

“’You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind.’ This is the greatest and first commandment. And a second is like it: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.”

Matthew 22:37

As a church, we try to live out those commandments. We show our love for God with our worship services, our participation in the local four borough ministerium, and our Christian education programs. We try to show our love for our neighbors by putting on community events that bring people together, raising funds for local, national, and international charitable causes, and being involved in our community.


Will You Join Us?

All are welcome to be a part of our community, whether through our events, dropping by to speak with the pastor, or joining us for Sunday morning worship. You are welcome to come whether you’ll come regularly or just once. You’re welcome to come whether you’re a committed Christian, someone who’s been gone a long time, or someone who just wants to know more about what Christianity is actually like. Give us a call at 570-457-4477 – or send a message on Facebook! We would love to meet you.